Shakespeare, Rap and Musical Improv

Theatrical Improvisation is a quest to create stage-worthy art in the moment, but what kind of play are you producing? In this workshop we’ll break down the building blocks of these three genres and perform them at their best. Study up before class and bring your “A” game, we’re gonna make some ART.

Starting Stand Up Comedy

Taking the stage as yourself can be intimidating, but no one should have to do it alone! Join us in a judgement-free environment while we create material specific to you and practice the technique of bringing your truth to the stage. Students will leave the workshop with new material, and new friends!

The Cheep Show


Stand up, Music and Improvisation, all tailored to your needs. Levi and Robert will bring the noise to a group of high school students on vacation, or bring the funk to a sold-out house of drinking adults. This 90 minute show is perfect for any crowd, and we'll throw in the freestyle rap at no extra charge.